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I want to have a Hollywood smile!


I would like to have a smile like a Hollywood star!

I see these beautiful actresses on the red carpet with perfect smiles and I want my smile to be as amazing as theirs.

Is this possible?


It is often possible to improve the appearance of a smile a great deal using the latest dental techniques.

The process of smile design is complex and the first step is always to have a consultation with a a dentist who has experience in cosmetic dentistry.

At the consultation you will be examined very thoroughly to ensure that your oral health is good and that it is appropriate to go forward with further dental treatment. You may find that other dental issues such as gum disease or tooth decay are found which must be dealt with first so that the foundations of your smile are in tip top health.

At the consultation a range of treatment options personal to you will be offered.

These may include tooth whitening, cosmetic bonding and/or veneers.

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